Our wines are made with native grape varieties from different regions of Spain

Know our varieties

Albarín Blanco is a variety of white grape vine with early maturation and very aromatic, giving rise to wines with muscatel, floral and fruity aromas, good alcohol content and fresh acidity.

It is a variety that is only grown south of the provinces of León and Asturias.

The bunch is small, tight and the pine-shaped grapes, quite bluish in color

Ripening is late and harvests are usually late September or early October. The Prieto Picudo variety is characterized by its vegetal notes both on the nose and in the mouth, marked tannin and normally high acidity.

Due to these main characteristics of the variety, the potential is excellent for making wines with long aging in wood and bottle storage

It is a variety of small bunches and small grain, early sprouting and late ripening.

A sweet and very glyceric grape, with a characteristic aroma reminiscent of apricot.

Manual harvest from mid-September to early October

The bunches are small and compact. The grapes of medium size and thick skin.

Of high fertility and medium-high production. Harvest from mid-August to mid-September.

Their musts are very fruity and aromatic, they do not have much coloring intensity but they can give intense color in advanced ripening.

Producer of excellent wines in terms of potency and diversity of primary aromas, giving soft and velvety wines of great quality.