About Us

La Osa more than wine, is the name of the wine project of Noelia de Paz.

In 2015 and after ten years of experience in the sector, I started this personal project, in which I bet mainly to produce wines from my land, Valdevimbre, located in the southwest of Leon highlighting the use of native varieties Albarin blanco and Prieto Picudo.

The curiosity to know other zones, varieties, work ways and the collaboration of Rodrigo Méndez (Galicia) and Raúl Pérez (Bierzo) to whom I thanks a lot all their support, are important factors that have helped this project to become true.

The philosophy of the project is the respect for the authenticity of the regions, traditional varieties and winemaking process. To elaborate small productions of wine worked with respect and time, having as result wines that reflect the illusion of the project.